Can You Apply for Portugal's NHR Scheme in 2023 before It Ends?

Exploring the potential impacts of the anticipated closure of Portugal's NHR scheme by the end of 2023, this blog post provides insights for those considering relocation. It delves into the implications of the NHR scheme's end for both EU and non-EU citizens, along with Golden Visa holders. It also outlines potential strategies to secure NHR benefits before the legislation changes. Despite the scheme's impending closure, Portugal remains an alluring prospect for expats
Porto view with NHR application in 2023

Portugal's Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime has been a beacon for international migrants for years. However, with the Portuguese government planning to terminate the NHR scheme by the end of 2023, prospective migrants are questioning whether there's still time to leverage this program. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the viability of applying for the NHR scheme before its anticipated closure and what you need to accomplish to meet this imminent deadline.

Grasping the NHR Scheme

The Basics of NHR

Incepted in 2009, the NHR scheme was designed to make Portugal an attractive destination for retirees, investors, and highly-skilled professionals from around the globe. The scheme offers competitive tax benefits and exemptions that have played a pivotal role in transforming Portugal's image from a high tax nation to a lucrative relocation haven for expats worldwide.

The Attraction of Portugal

Within the framework of the NHR scheme, Portugal presents a diverse culture, high quality of life, and a robust economy that encourages fruitful investments and opportunities for personal growth. The country's picturesque landscapes and historical architecture add to its charm, making it a desirable home for people of various walks of life.

The Countdown Begins

The Announcement

The government's recent announcement of its intention to end the NHR scheme by the close of 2023 has sparked numerous concerns among potential migrants, current NHR beneficiaries, and those in the process of applying. It's important to remember that for current NHR beneficiaries, your rights and benefits will remain unaffected for a period of ten years from the date of becoming a tax resident in Portugal.

The Implications

The pending deadline has created a sense of urgency among those intending to leverage the NHR's advantages. The window of opportunity is gradually narrowing, meaning that potential applicants need to hasten their relocation plans.

What Does the Deadline Mean for You?

Expedite Your Plans

For those contemplating relocation to Portugal, now is the time to expedite your plans. Despite the impending closure, the NHR scheme remains open for registration until the end of 2023. Therefore, prospective applicants must act swiftly to secure the benefits before the window of opportunity closes.

Overcoming the Obstacles

The Road to NHR

To apply for the NHR scheme before the deadline, the first step is to become a tax resident in Portugal. For both non-EU and EU citizens, this process involves obtaining a Portuguese Numerio De Identificaçao Fiscal (NIF), establishing a permanent address in Portugal, and subsequently applying for the NHR status.

Golden Visa Holders

Golden Visa holders also need to tread strategically. If the NHR scheme was part of your original plan for moving to Portugal, it's essential to explore options for establishing your tax residency in Portugal in 2023.

Is the Deadline Dash Worth It?

The Benefits

For individuals earning an annual income above 30,000 Euros from high-value activities or those with foreign-sourced income, making it into the NHR scheme can result in substantial tax savings over a ten-year period.

Looking Forward

The Future Beyond NHR

Despite the NHR scheme coming to an end, Portugal's allure will continue to persist, thanks to its rich culture, excellent living standards, and promising opportunities.

You can learn more about the future program to attract foreigners called ITS here:

Staying Informed

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Personalized Advice

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