Why AnchorLess - about us

Anchorless is a website that provides services to help you settle into your new life in Portugal. By requesting a NIF through Anchorless, you are guaranteed to have access to a convenient, quick and reliable service, with a team always ready to answer all of your questions about your new adventure.

Belem Porto Lisbonne

To talk a bit more about us, our team and our company, we are a young french team working in providing web services through our web agency. After we finished our studies and graduated from a prestigious french engineering school, we decided to take it to the next level and work full-time on our own projects. To do so, we decided to find a place where we would enjoy living our new life.

So, our journey started last year, when our team arrived in Portugal. We experienced life here, and the sweetness of it. Sunny, delicious food, welcoming people… We loved it so much that we decided to settle here. That’s when we started going through all the paperwork needed and had to face all the procedures to make it happen. Renting an apartment, subscribing to insurance, opening a bank account… We needed to start over everything.

That’s when we realized we had to submit a number of requests, and saw that we could help others by doing them a favor and help them do it way earlier than us. We sorted it out while already here and it came with a lot of challenges, so we wanted to provide a service that would help others the way we would have wanted to be helped.

Our partnership with the Portuguese law firm has not only been beneficial for our startup, but also for our clients. Through our collaboration with the law firm, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice and support, which is especially important for businesses operating in a foreign country. The law firm's expertise in Portuguese law and regulations enables us to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information, helping them make informed decisions and avoid potential legal issues. Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with the level of legal support that we are able to provide, which has strengthened our relationships with them and enhanced our reputation in the industry.