D7 Visa in Portugal: The 2024 Guide

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Do you dream of a peaceful life in a beautiful country filled with rich culture and friendly people? Portugal might be your ideal destination!

This picturesque European country 🇵🇹 is a popular choice among retirees, especially those with a steady stream of passive income. It's easy to understand why its charm attracts so many!

With the Portuguese D7 Visa, passive incomers (aka retirees, property managers, investors) can enjoy a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. Let’s explore why Portugal is an excellent place to retire, what the D7 Visa offers, and how you can turn this dream into reality. 🌟

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Quick resume about D7 Visa Portugal

Time for Application:

⌛ Processing time: 2 to 4 months*
*Highly depending of the processing times of the country in which you are applying.

Financial Requirements:

🏦 Minimum savings: +9.840€**
💶 Minimum passive income: +9.840€** per year
***Amounts vary depending on whether you have dependents or not. See below for more information.
Who is this visa for?
🌍️ Retirees
Individuals who receive a pension which provides a stable and reliable source of income.
💶 Individuals with Investment Income
People with financial investments or earnings from business dividends

🏠 Individuals with Real Estate Investments

People earning from investments like rental properties.
💼 Income from Intellectual Property
Holders of copyrights, patents, or royalties can qualify if these provide a steady flow of income.
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Meet the Portugal D7 Visa

The Portugal D7 Visa, also referred to as the Portugal Passive Income Visa or the Portugal Retirement Visa, offers legal Portuguese residency to non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens seeking to relocate to Portugal. 😊

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What is the Portugal D7 visa?

The Portugal D7 Visa is specifically designed for individuals who can demonstrate a stable passive income equivalent to at least the annual value of Portugal's minimum wage. This ensures that visa holders can sustain themselves financially without the need to seek employment in Portugal. 💼📈

Acceptable sources of passive income for this visa include pensions, rental incomes, dividends, and interest earnings. These sources allow for a comfortable lifestyle without active employment, making the D7 Visa an ideal option for retirees or those seeking a relaxed lifestyle in Portugal. 💰

Benefits of the Portugal D7 visa

The D7 visa allows you to enter Portugal and travel within the Schengen Area without the need for extra visas or duration limits as a tourist. This visa also allows you to bring family members with you, making the procedure smoother and faster. ✅

Another significant benefit of living in Portugal with a D7 visa is access to cheap Portuguese healthcare and education. Additionally, you will be eligible for Portuguese nationality after five years (together with any family members who joined you when you applied) or a permanent residency.

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What are the main requirements for the D7 Visa in Portugal?

Besides being a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and a clean criminal record, you must prove a passive income and savings that fits the following sources ✅:

  • Pensions: Regular pension payments from your home country.
  • Rentals: Income from rental properties.
  • Investments: Dividends, interest, and other investment income.

How much should I have on my savings account for my Portuguese D7 visa application?

It depends on your application!

You must prove that you have savings according to your threshold (it can be more), and this value must be available in your Portuguese bank account, before your visa appointment. You'll also need to prove an annual income with this minimum threshold.

-> If you are applying solo 👨

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-> If you are applying with a spouse or major family dependant 👫

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-> If you are applying with children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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How much should my passive income be for my Portugal D7 visa application?

It also depends on your application!

You must prove that your annual income is at least equal to the minimum required. You must also prove that you have savings of the required amount.

-> If you are applying solo 👨

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-> If you are applying with a spouse or major family dependant 👫

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-> If you are applying with children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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Who can I bring as a dependant for my D7 visa application?

You can bring:

  • Your spouse or civil partner
  • Your minor children (above 18 qualifies if enrolled in a Portuguese educational facility)
  • Dependent parents (when included at your tax return or under your care)
  • Anyone whom you or your spouse may have legal guardianship (like disabled children or family members under your care, siblings you may have legal guardianship, adopted children).
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What you'll need to present for your Portugal D7 VISA application?

Several documents will be required for a successful grant of your Portugal D7 visa. Some of these documents, such as the NIF Portugal, are Portuguese and required by the authorities before your arrival in Portugal.

How can I prepare for my Portugal D7 visa application?

Preparation is key to a successful D7 Visa application:


Check your passport expiration date

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Get your NIF Portugal to your D7 Visa application

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Set up a Portuguese bank account for your D7 Visa application

🏦 Prestige bank

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Transfer the D7 visa required savings to your Portuguese bank account

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Secure a place to live and to use as proof of accommodation for your D7 visa application

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How to Apply for the Portugal D7 Visa

Follow these steps to apply for the D7 Visa 🫡:

  1. Gather Required Documents: You've seen the step-by-step above! Compile all necessary paperwork, including proof of income, accommodation, and travel insurance.
  2. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the visa application form accurately.
  3. Schedule an Appointment: Book an appointment at the nearest Portuguese consulate or VFS Global office.
  4. Gather Remaining Documents: Especially those that must be extremely updated (such as the most recent payslips, bank statements, and criminal record).

⚠️ If you have any doubt regarding your documentation, you can hire our service for Visa Dossier Review with a hired lawyer that'll approve and indicate corrections to be made.

Which documents should I bring for my D7 visa appointment?

Ensure you have all necessary documents ✅:

  • Portuguese NIF;
  • Portuguese bank account;
  • Valid Passport with 3 (three) months of validity after entering Portugal;
  • Proof of accommodation for 12 months (Airbnb and Booking does not apply);
  • Proof of funds to secure your stay in Portugal (e.g.: latest tax return, bank extracts with annual Portuguese minimum wage value - and additional in case of dependents) in a Portuguese bank account;
  • Proof of funds to support yourself in Portugal (e.g.: Monthly income reaching Portuguese minimum wage value - and additional in case of dependents via passive income, such as rental contracts, service contracts, pension slips, funds interests during 12 months);
  • 2 recent photographs (3x4);
  • Availability to spend 16 non-consecutive months in Portugal within the first 2 years of residency (or 6 consecutive months each year, within the first 2 years);
  • Portuguese Visa Travel insurance covering up to 30,000 euros and repatriation;
  • Criminal record check from previous countries of residency (where you lived for one year or more);
  • Declaration of intent to move and reside in Portugal and become a tax resident;
  • Visa Fee

How much is my D7 visa fee?

At the moment, the fee is 90 euros per person, plus any administrative fee from local offices (it changes from office to office!) 💸.

How long will I wait for my D7 visa?

Wait time varies from office to office. Some areas will have a short waiting time, only four weeks, others will take months. Check the estimated time at the office and plan accordingly. 😬

After submitting your application, there’s typically a wait time, which can extend for months. Use this period to prepare for your move, gather documents you'll need to present at your AIMA appointment, when you arrive in Portugal.

Why should I gather documents for my AIMA appointment?

You'll need to present updated documents at your appointment 😬. Proof of income will need to cover the months prior to your appointment (therefore, at least one month after your visa); your criminal record may be outside of AIMA's required timeline (same as the visa - no more than 3 months old).

Add to that the fact that some offices may keep the documents provided at your visa interview, so be ready to re-issue some of them again before you head to Portugal.

⚠️ Make sure you cover your bases in your home country: leave a power of attorney in the name of a trusted person; bring copies of the main documents you may leave at home: birth and marriage certificates, house-owning titles, an extra copy of your POA, copies of vaccination cards, or anything else you may need at hand.

For what reasons could my D7 visa application be rejected?

There are several reasons for that 😬. Most common are:

  • Insufficient funds;
  • Type of income does not fit the criteria;
  • Criminal record with annotations;
  • Documentation incomplete.

⚠️ If you need any clarification regarding the D7 visa application process, AnchorLess is here for you! We have a free-consultation service where you can clear up any doubt.

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D7 visa approved? Move to Portugal!

Once your visa is approved, it’s time to make the move 😊:

  • Final Preparations: Finalise travel arrangements, inform relevant parties (e.g.: tax authorities at your home country), and ensure all paperwork is in order, especially what you'll need to present to AIMA.
  • Check what you can take with you to Portugal. Some items may be prohibited due to their composition (like hoverboards), or may need a Baggage Certificate at your local Portuguese consulate (like kitchen appliances).
  • Arriving in Portugal: Upon arrival, register your address with the local authorities (NIF address).

Arrived in Portugal? Schedule your D7 visa AIMA appointment

Your D7 Visa will have a 120-day duration period, during which you'll have time to establish yourself in Portugal. Confirm you'll stay at your new home, register yourself with a Portuguese health insurance, establish finances, and become a tax resident (move your NIF address to your new home in Portugal). 😬

You must schedule your AIMA appointment during this 120-day period to convert your D7 visa into a residence authorization and provide the necessary documentation proving your settlement in Portugal and your ability to support yourself here in accordance with your visa requirements (values explained at the beginning of this article). 😊

What is AIMA?

Formerly known as 'SEF - Serviços de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras' (Immigration and Borders Service), AIMA, 'Agência para a Integração, Migrações e Asilo' (or Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum) is the office responsible for handling matters related to foreigners in Portugal, including their entrance, exit, and legalization. 😊

How can I schedule my AIMA appointment?

AIMA is a bit crowded. As a result, reaching them and scheduling your appointments may pose some difficulties. 😬

⚠️ Be prepared! You may need to make extensive calls, visit the AIMA website frequently, and pay close attention to any information about AIMA from various sources, especially their Facebook official page. Also join facebook groups, you'll find shared experience and tips to achieve success scheduling your appointment.

What can I expect from my AIMA appointment?

Prepare for and attend your AIMA appointment 🫡:

  • Biometric data collection (picture, signature and fingerprints), verification of documents.
  • Documents needed for the AIMA appointment: Bring all documents you submitted for your visa application (with proof of accommodation updated if you decide to move), and add to that a Portuguese health insurance, instead of a travel insurance.

⚠️ For the criminal record, you'll need to translate and notarize it (even if it's in your mother tongue).

All set? Just wait for your residence permit to arrive at home! 😊

How much will I pay for my D7 visa residency card?

The AIMA fee for a residency card for a D7 visa is around 159 euros 💸.

How long does my D7 visa residency card last?

Your first residency card will last two years 😊. Subsequent ones will have a longer expiration period.

After my residency card expires, how should I renew it and how long will it last?

Follow the same process of your first residency card in AIMA, with updated documentation, and check the table below to understand the duration period.

Duration since issue Minimum stay in Portugal Renewal period Renovation qualification
2 years 6 consecutive months, or;
8 non-consecutive months.
End of 2nd Year Residency card with 3 years duration
3 years 6 consecutive months, or;
8 non-consecutive months.
End of 3rd Year (or 5th year in total) Residency card with 3 years duration, Permanent residency card, or Portuguese Citizenship

Pathway to citizenship

Only five years after your arrival in Portugal, with a D7 visa in Portugal, you can request Portuguese citizenship, allowing you to freely move between the EEA area, and live in any country within EU, EEA or Switzerland. 🇵🇹

What are the requirements for citizenship through a D7 visa?

Five consecutive years living in Portugal (or five non-consecutive in the past 15 years), A2 level in Portuguese, clean criminal record (in Portugal and previous countries that you may have lived).

Portugal’s D7 Visa offers foreigners a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life in a beautiful and welcoming country. By understanding the requirements and preparing thoroughly, you can make the transition smoothly and start your new adventure in Portugal.

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