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NIF in Guimarães tax office

Need a NIF in the Braga district of Portugal? Registration procedures, cost of the NIF, and address of the Guimarães tax office: AnchorLess will help you with everything you need to know.

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How to apply for a NIF in Guimarães ?

Since Covid-19, you can’t go physically unannounced in a Finanças office in Guimarães to request your NIF.

What is the price of NIF Portugal at Guimarães in 2024?

The price of NIF Portugal at the Financas Guimarães is 0€. But since Covid-19, you can’t go physically unannounced in a Finanças office in Guimarães to request your NIF. You will need to have an appointment and to speak Portuguese. AnchorLess can help you to get your NIF Portugal for 99€ in less 3 days.

Do I need a NIF in Guimarães?

If you are a foreigner, and you want to live in Guimarães, you will need a NIF. You will need a NIF to open a bank account, to buy a car, to buy a house, to work, to pay taxes, to get a loan, to get a credit card, to get a sim card, to get a subscription for electricity, water, gas, internet, and so on. We already helped more than 1000 foreigners to get their NIF in Portugal. If you want to understand what is the NIF and why you need a NIF, you can read our guide: how to get a NIF Portugal.

What are the contact details of Guimarães Finanças to get my NIF ?

Logo of Braga

Address: Av. Conde de Margaride, 822, 1.º

Fax: 253 540 398

Email: [email protected]

Schedule: 9h-15h30m

Can I get a NIF from the tax office of Guimarães

No, you can get a nif from the tax office of Guimarães since 2019. But you can order your NIF with us.

Other way to get your portuguese NIF in Braga

Amares9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Amares
Barcelos9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Barcelos
Braga 19h-15h30mGet your NIF in Braga 1
Braga 29h-15h30mGet your NIF in Braga 2
Cabeceiras de Basto9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Cabeceiras de Basto
Celorico de Basto9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Celorico de Basto
Esposende9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Esposende
Fafe9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Fafe
Guimarães 19h-15h30mGet your NIF in Guimarães 1
Guimarães 29h-15h30mGet your NIF in Guimarães 2
Póvoa de Lanhoso9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Póvoa de Lanhoso
Terras de Bouro9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Terras de Bouro
Vieira do Minho9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Vieira do Minho
Vila Nova de Famalicão9h-16h30mGet your NIF in Vila Nova de Famalicão
Vila Verde9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Vila Verde
Vizela9h-15h30mGet your NIF in Vizela

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I am so glad I found AnchorLess. Getting a NIF as a non-resident can be a headache and takes a lot of time, AnchorLess made it super simple. Highly recommended, worth the money.

Danny, USA



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