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Three steps to get your NIF Portugal

Get your NIF before coming to Portugal for a smooth transition to your new life

  • Opening a bank account or rent a flat.
  • Applying for a Portuguese visa.
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Our NIF service is available for all nationalities 🌎

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A proof of address

Proof of address outside Portugal, it must be a residential address. What can I use as Proof of Address?

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A proof of identity

Valid passport or National ID card for EU citizens. Rest assured that your data will be handled securely and deleted after.

However, please be aware that additional requirements may apply for minors and individuals who were born in Portugal or hold Portuguese citizenship

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Seamless, Easy... Worth Every Cent!

I needed a NIF, because to do anything in Portugal, you need one. I was hesitant to approach the Tax Office because I'm not yet confident in the language and the process. While the NIF itself is free, paying the small fee to Anchorless has been priceless. They took the hassle out of the entire process, seamlessly collecting the information they need and doing the work for you, while you sit back and relax. I was skeptical at first, but as promised, within 5 days - I had all the official paperwork in my mailbox. I will happily be using them again in the future as I plan out my future Portugal journey.

Peter Hing

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AnchorLess is highly professional, affordable and very friendly

I am very pleased with AnchorLess. They are highly professional, very fast to reply and their customer service is very client friendly. Their fees to be very reasonable and they provide clear and easy to understand information. Their support has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend them.

Maya McQueen

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Perfect AnchorLess

For the second time after NIF , It was a great opportunity to apply for my NISS through ''Anchorless '' . They Cover all an expat needs in Portugal. I can characterize Anchorless in three words:


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Fast and reliable

Settling in Portugal last month has been really easy for me thanks to AnchorLess. It only took me 72h to get my NIF & the next few days I was enjoying the city of Lisboa! Through the whole process, the AnchorLess team was very helpful and reliable. I highly recommend!

Honoré Moukala


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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s a NIF?

    The NIF, which stands for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), plays a crucial role in Portugal's taxation system. In simpler terms, it can be referred to as the "fiscal number" or "taxpayer number" for individuals.

    In the realm of Portuguese taxation, the NIF acts as a unique identifier, connecting taxpayers to their specific tax obligations. Whether you're seeking to initiate a registration request or preparing to submit a tax return, the NIF is the key that unlocks these processes.

    Portugal NIF as Individual

    For individuals, the NIF is a vital component that appears on a variety of documents, including income tax returns, corporate tax returns, income tax notices, housing tax statements, and property tax records. It's essentially your financial fingerprint, allowing tax authorities to accurately track and manage your tax-related activities.

  • How long will it take to get my NIF?

    The process of obtaining your NIF involves a timeframe that generally spans between 3 and 10 business days from the moment you submitted all of your documents. This duration is subject to variation based on certain factors, primarily hinging on the operational efficiency of the Portugal Tax Office.
  • Does the NIF have an expiry date?

    Your NIF doesn’t have an expiry date, it is issued to you for life.
  • How does fiscal representation work?

    Anchorless links you to a Portugal fiscal representative, who will forward to you any messages you could get from the Tax Office (to a rate of 150€ a year), until you choose a new representative yourself. Having a tax representative is mandatory for foreign people coming from non-EU countries.
  • Can I change my fiscal representative?

    Yes, after you get in Portugal, you will be able to change your fiscal representative, as soon as you declare your own Portugal address, with a proof of address associated with your NIF.
  • What if my NIF request is for a minor/child?

    It is possible to ask for a NIF for a minor, but you will need some more documents to complete your application. You will need the following :
    • Birth certificate
    • Copy of passport of the first parent
    • Copy of passport of the second parent
    If there’s only one parent, we will need proof of a single custodial parent instead of the second passport (proof of custody, death certificate…).
  • Can I get a NIF from outside of Europe?

    Yes, you can register on our website to get a NIF from anywhere in the world.
  • Any other questions?

    Ask us anything in the chat, in the lower right corner of your screen.

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