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CRUE in Portugal: The ultimate guide

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Have you just arrived in Portugal and wondered what document you need to establish here? I'm sure you heard about the NIF number in Portugal, and you can find it all about it here. But as an EU citizen you'll need a bit more.

You'll need a CRUE - Certificado do Registo do Cidadão da União Europeia (Registration Certificate for EU/EEA/Swiss Citizen). 🚀

But what exactly is "CRUE"? Who needs it? How can you get one?

Well, this guide is here to clarify any doubts you may have about your request.

What is "CRUE" in Portugal?

"CRUE", as we said before, stands for Certificado do Registo do Cidadão da União Europeia (or Registration Certificate for EU/EEA/Swiss Citizen).

This is a simple document that attests that you, a citizen of the EU/EEA/Switzerland, are living in Portugal. 😬

Why do I need a CRUE to settle in Portugal?

It's crucial to make sure you confirm your legal residency status in Portugal. This will give you access to various services, rights (such as NISS or Utente), and obligations, including tax residency. 😊

Who can get a CRUE in Portugal?

Anyone who is a citizen of an EU country, the EEA, or Switzerland qualifies.

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When should I request a "CRUE"?

After establishing yourself in Portugal, you must request your CRUE after 90 days. You'll have 30 days to request it.

So basically, you must make a request between the 90th and 120th days after your arrival in Portugal. 😊

What do I need to request a "CRUE"?

To request your "CRUE", you'll need ✅:

  • Your EU/EEA/Swiss national ID;
  • Portuguese NIF;
  • A proof of address bearing your name.

✅ If you are a student you can also provide your enrollment ID in an accredited institution.

What can I use as proof of address?

For proof of accommodation, you can use any of the following ✅:

  • Rental lease in your name
  • A utility bill bearing your name
  • A 'Junta da Freguesia' address certificate

What is the 'Junta da Freguesia' Certificate?

It's actually "Atestado de Residência pela Junta da Freguesia." Your local parish grants this certificate letter to confirm your address. 😊

How can I get the 'Junta da Freguesia' Certificate?

You'll need to go to the local government parish that manages your neighbourhood or town and request the 'Atestado de Morada'.

You'll receive a white paper form that must be filled with your basic information (name, address, ID, among others) and that must be signed by two Portuguese residents and voters at your local parish.



Generally, it is advisable to have your neighbours sign the document. Some parishes also request that you take a copy of their ID, so be prepared to ask for that as well.

Ok, I got the signatures, what's next?

After having it signed, you must return to the local parish, pay a small fee (around 5 euros), and wait up to a week for your certificate to be ready.

It serves as an official and valid document for AIMA appointments, Utente requests, and NIF address changes.

Where can I request my "CRUE"?

In person, at your local City Hall. 😊

You must head to the city hall responsible for your area of residence. They are available here, and if you are in Lisbon, here. If you live in Porto, you must make an appointment by calling (+351) 220 100 220.

Make sure to check the available times for your city hall.

How much to request my "CRUE"?

The "CRUE" price is 15-16 euros. 💸

You'll pay at City Hall, and be prepared to pay with cash, as some areas may request it.

How is the process at City Hall?

We have a general step-by-step below. Please be aware that some city halls may have a different process because of their smaller size or modernised services. 😬

  1. At your local city hall, with your documents, get your line number for "Cidadão Europeu" (or EU Citizen);
  2. You'll fill out a request form, informing them of your situation. This could be your first time, a change of address, or a prorogation.
  3. After this, a clerk will provide you with a document, and you'll head to the cashier. You'll provide the given document, pay the 15-euro fee, and receive a receipt there.
  4. Return to where you received the form, give them the receipt, and receive a final form.
  5. Fill out the final form, return it to the clerk, and receive your CRUE;
  6. Sign your CRUE document, and head home! You are an official Portuguese resident! 🎉

What can I find in my "CRUE" document?

As with many other documents in Portugal, your CRUE will be a simple white paper. 😬

It'll have your name, nationality, and address, along with the document's validity date.

You can find an example below:

CRUE document in Portugal

Example of CRUE document in Portugal

What should I do after receiving my "CRUE"?

Change your NIF address to Portugal and become a Portuguese resident for fiscal matters. 😊

Final words

We hope this guide will be super helpful as you request your CRUE. Keep in mind that AnchorLess is with you at every step! 👋 We want to make sure your move to Portugal will be as smooth as your new life!

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