Changes to the NHR Portugal in 2024: What You Need to Know

The esteemed Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime in Portugal, which has drawn many to its shores, is undergoing a major transformation. As 2024 ushers in a new era, the Portuguese government is looking to re calibrate its tax incentives. So, what does the new NHR landscape look like?
NHR in Portugal 2024

A Look Back at the Original NHR Tax Regime in Portugal

Before diving into the upcoming changes, it's important to understand the roots and appeal of the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime. Instituted in 2009, the NHR was designed as an initiative to attract individuals and professionals to Portugal by offering them substantial tax benefits.

The allure of the NHR was undeniable. It provided new residents with a flat income tax rate of 20% for specific high value-added professions, such as doctors, artists, architects, and engineers, among others. Moreover, for most foreign-sourced income (like pensions, dividends, royalties, and interest), beneficiaries enjoyed a complete tax exemption.

This program didn't just result in a boost for the Portuguese economy through an influx of affluent expatriates, but also painted Portugal as a prime destination for retirees and professionals alike. With a decade-long duration of benefits and an enticing fiscal environment, the NHR regime established Portugal as a significant player in the global tax planning landscape.

Now, as we move towards 2024, Portugal is shifting gears, signaling the end of this era and ushering in a new phase of tax incentives.

End of the Road for the Current NHR Regime

Effective January 1, 2024, the NHR tax regime that many have come to know and benefit from will no longer accept new applications. If you're currently an NHR beneficiary, fear not – your benefits remain untouched for their 10-year duration. However, if you're still contemplating applying, you should do so before December 31, 2023, ensuring all application procedures wrap up by March 31, 2024.

Introduction of New Tax Programs

Introduction of the Incentivised Tax Status (ITS) Program

Replacing the NHR is the Incentivised Tax Status (ITS) program, which is strategically crafted for certain professionals:

  • Higher education professors and scientific researchers.
  • Qualified roles within the specific scope of contractual benefits for productive investment.
  • Research and development positions requiring at least a doctorate level of qualification, particularly if the costs align with specific R&D tax incentives.

For these professionals, who shouldn't have been Portuguese tax residents in the last five years, a flat 20% rate on professional income earned within the country is available. They can also benefit from exemptions on various foreign-sourced incomes, from employment to real estate.

Broadened Tax Benefits and Limits

The Portuguese government also unveiled a more universal tax incentive. Anyone obtaining Portuguese tax residency starting January 1, 2024, (and having abstained from such status in the past five years) will receive a 50% personal income tax exemption on their employment or freelance income for five years. But there's a catch: this generous exemption maxes out at €250,000 annually.

A Push Towards Innovation

With the “Incentive to Scientific Research and Innovation”, Portugal is sending a clear message: it values scientific research and innovation. Furthermore, the country is also supporting its startup ecosystem with a commendable 12.5% CIT rate for the initial €50,000 of taxable income of qualifying entities.

NHR Portugal: The Implications for Existing and New Entrants

Strategy for Existing Beneficiaries

If you're already benefiting from the NHR, it's imperative to strategize for the post-10-year period. Financial experts emphasize the importance of long-term planning, extending up to 20 years, to mitigate potential progressive tax rates.

Recommendations for Newcomers

For hopeful newcomers, swift action is the order of the day. With the December 31, 2023, application deadline looming, it's advisable to get a headstart and also seek counsel on the optimal financial strategies under the new tax structure.

Portugal: Still a Global Magnet

Despite the NHR changes, Portugal remains a hub for affluent expatriates, offering superior living standards, stellar investment avenues, and unparalleled healthcare and education services. Its global recognition as a prime property hotspot and a sought-after retirement sanctuary only cements its esteemed status.

In Summary

Portugal's tax landscape is evolving, but its appeal remains steadfast. While the NHR undergoes a metamorphosis, opportunities abound, both for current beneficiaries and prospective applicants. Stay informed, seek expert guidance, and leverage Portugal's myriad tax advantages.

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