Get professional help for your NIF request in Ovar

Find out everything you need to know to apply for a NIF (or a numero de contribuinte) in Ovar Finanças. Information to gather, form to complete, and fee to make a NIF request in Ovar.

Tax office in Ovar

How to apply for a NIF in Ovar ?

Since Covid-19, you can’t go physically unannounced in a Finanças office in Ovar to request your NIF. To request a NIF in Ovar, you have a couple solutions :

  • Request your NIF online with services like AnchorLess that do the request on your behalf (the easiest solution);
  • Take an appointment with the Finanças office on the phone;

What is the price to request a NIF in Ovar ?

To make your NIF request online, and receive your NIF number and document by email, the price is 150 euros. This fee is to cover every administrative procedure required, from processing your file, your information, to certificate your document and request through the service lawyer.

What are the contact details of Ovar Finanças ?

The tax office of Ovar is no longer authorized to deliver you a NIF since 2019. However, you can find its contact details below.

Logo of aveiro
  • Address: Rua Conselheiro Arala Chaves, 4 ,Ovar
  • Fax: 256 581 058
  • Email:
  • Schedule: 9h-15h30m

The tax office of Ovar is located at Rua Conselheiro Arala Chaves, 4 ,Ovar.

You can contact the tax office of Ovar by fax at 256 581 058 or by email at

No, you can get a nif from the tax office of Ovar since 2019.