Your NIF request in Portuguese tax offices

Since 2019 and the Covid-19 crisis, you can’t go physically unannounced in a Portuguese tax office to request your NIF. To ease your request, Anchorless offers you a list of all Finanças offices in Portugal and the conditions to make a NIF request in each of them.

The end of NIF requests in Finanças offices

With digitalisation of services in Portugal, NIF requests can now be done completely online by using services requesting a NIF for you. This is the way most used nowadays because:

  • It’s impossible to go to a Portuguese tax office unannounced since Covid-19
  • It’s easier to have a NIF number before being in Portugal to do simple things such as renting an apartment.
  • You can get your NIF with Anchorless in less than one week.

Since 2019, it’s impossible to go to a Portuguese tax office without taking an appointment on the phone, and you need to speak Portuguese to take it, since they won’t speak english, or any other language.